Union Christian College Basketball Academy

UC College takes immense pride in its illustrious history in basketball, with a legacy
that extends beyond the state of Kerala. Over the years, our Men’s Basketball team
has produced outstanding players who went on to assume influential roles in
promoting Physical Education in various capacities.
In the past, UC College was a dominant force in the Kerala and Universities, securing
multiple championship titles. Our All-Kerala intercollegiate Basketball tournament
has become a significant event on the sports calendar of Kerala. In the 1960s, our
Basketball team reached new heights, boasting remarkable achievements and
producing renowned players who represented the university, state, and even national-
level tournaments.Furthermore, in 1996, we emerged as champions in the first college
games organized by the Kerala Sports Council, showcasing our commitment to
excellence in the sport.
To recapture those glory days and nurture young talent, UC College is thrilled to
announce the launch of its Basketball Academy for boys and girls, commencing from
10th April 2023 with a summer camp in the newly renovated C.P.Andrew’s stadium
Objectives of the Basketball Academy:
 Nurturing Local Talent: The Basketball Academy will be a hub for aspiring
players in and around Ernakulam district. It aims to identify and develop raw
talent, providing them with a platform to excel in the sport.
 Empowering the Underprivileged: The Academy is committed to revitalizing
sports among the underprivileged sections of society. By offering specialized
training and support, we seek to create opportunities for all, irrespective of their
socio-economic backgrounds.
 Advanced Training: At the core of our Academy’s vision is to provide
comprehensive training from the grassroots level. Our expert coaches will work
closely with the young players, honing their skills and fostering a deep
understanding of the game.
 Emphasizing Fitness and Recreation: Beyond competitive training, we believe in
promoting the importance of fitness and recreation. The Academy will instill a
love for sports and a healthy lifestyle among the participants.
 Collaboration with Kerala Sports Council: While the College has a storied
basketball history, it acknowledges the challenges posed by the decline of feeder
centers. To restore and maintain excellence in the sport, the Basketball Academy
seeks critical assistance from the Kerala Sports Council.

 Class Timings: We have sessions available in the evening, ensuring flexibility
and accessibility for all.
 Friday : 4.30 to 6.00 PM
 Saturday : 3.00 to 5.00 PM
Coach:Mr.Sinu M.A..

We invite all basketball enthusiasts, both boys and girls, to be a part of this exciting
journey towards greatness. Join us at the Basketball Academy of UC College and
witness the transformation of raw talent into tomorrow’s champions. Together, we will
build a stronger, more vibrant basketball community that embodies the spirit of
sportsmanship, dedication, and determination. Let the journey to success begin!