Career and Placement Support:

The Office of Career and Placement at Union Christian College provides comprehensive support to students in realizing their potential and achieving their professional aspirations, whether they aim for corporate careers, research opportunities, or entrepreneurial ventures. The office offers a range of resources to enhance students’ skills and assist them in making informed career decisions.

Individual Career Mapping:

These sessions help students identify their goals and explore career options aligned with their professional expectations. We focus on guiding students to recognize their skill sets, strengths, interests, and experiences, enabling them to develop a clear career path.

Soft Skills Training Program:

 In today’s world, soft skills are crucial for making a positive impression, both in the workplace and beyond. Our training programs include sessions on public speaking, effective communication, efficient decision-making, teamwork, and time management.

Leadership Talks:

As part of our industry exposure initiative, we organize multiple sessions with industry stalwarts. These talks offer valuable insights into building a successful career and understanding the challenges faced by professionals and leaders in various career trajectories. Students also learn how to apply their classroom knowledge in real-world scenarios.


We design workshops to equip students with an understanding of the specific requirements of different industries.

Corporate Visits:

Our institute facilitates student visits to organizations, providing them with opportunities to learn through in-person interaction, observe day-to-day work culture, and gain insights into best practices in various work environments.

Assistance with Further Studies and Research:

Students are mentored by world-class faculty members and have access to state-of-the-art equipment, technology, and other resources necessary for conducting research. We also encourage collaborations with leading international universities and prominent researchers, fostering a strong knowledge-sharing ecosystem.

Our Services:

  • Assisting students in choosing the right career path through professional assessments that identify their interests and strengths.
  • Developing the necessary skill set for corporate, entrepreneurial, and research pursuits.
  • Guiding students in building and enhancing their professional network.
  • Assisting students in crafting resumes, SOPs, and other related collateral.
  • Enhancing students’ interviewing skills through workshops and mock interviews.
  • Creating linkages with corporate organizations, startups, and government sectors to generate engagement and employment opportunities for students.
  • Providing guidance on evaluating various job opportunities.
  • Conducting final placement processes.