Physical Education Department

The Department of Physical Education formally came into existence in 1930, found by the legendary Professor C. P. Andrews who was the pioneer in the spread of Physical Education culture and in the creation of its infrastructure and training network in the whole of the state. His successors in the Physical Education Department faithfully followed his vision and carried out his policies and programmes adapting to the changing demands of time and the need of the student community. Our department is credited with number of playfields which no other institution in Kerala can claim. The continuous process of modernization goes in the departments, as per the plan, for sports development in stages. Our development programmes involved financial commitments which have always been met by the student community, the staff, former students, management and above all, by friends and well wishers. One other important aspect of our department is  the importance it gives to groom our national game, hockey, in Kerala.


“Department of Physical Education is consistent with the college mission in its commitment to help the students to build a healthy and sportive life through holistic approach of harmonious blend of body, mind and spirit”.


Physical Education figured prominently in the founding objectives of the college. In fact, sports and games were compulsory student activities during the early years. The college has always set apart a generous proportion of campus space for fully developed playfields which has become stage for many university and state tournaments and is glad about the  achievements brought . A multi purpose indoor stadium which can be used even during the rainy season is another feature of our department. We provide equal opportunity both to men and women students to excel in physical activity.
Our pride stands when our students consistently bring glory by winning sports competitions. This has been reflected when our college stands 2007-08(3rd), 2008-09 (5th) and 2009-10 (4th) in the best college in sports and games in the MG University overall medal tally. We also provide best hostel facilities for the students.


Union Christian College has a decade long strong tradition of nurturing the young talented through community extension activities in sports and games, by providing coaching and infrastructure facilities to regular students and also others who are interested. Our talented senior students are also helping nearby schools to develop sports teams..